About us

Generous Hearts Foundation is a young organization, based on volunteer work and dedication, that with commitment and devotion believes it can make a difference in society – we all deserve a chance: a chance to life, a chance to happiness.

Our mission

Inspired by the motto “A chance for everyone” – Generous Hearts Foundation comes to help the most vulnerable social groups: abandoned children, old people, children and adults with disabilities, but also turns attention to gifted young people in need of financial support.

Our vision

The following list of core values reflects what is truly important to us as an organization, and as individuals: equal opportunities, unconditional love, solidarity, community spirit.


- Helping those in need, improving the quality of individual and collective life.

- Organizing meetings/competitions for promoting Romanian cultural and artistic values.

- Promoting social dialogue and participation of civil society, of non-governmental organizations on issues that relate to the common future of the community.

- Organizing cultural and artistic events for promoting gifted young people, in various fields.

- Implementing employee training and development programs of public interest.

- Offering guidance and counseling on human rights protection in the labor legislation and social protection.

- Fundraising and allocation of funds according to the undertaken projects, in accordance with recognized purpose of the foundation.