2% Campaign

Redirect 2% of your taxes to Generous Heart Foundation and give a chance! You can use Form 230 if you are employed, or Form 200 if you are authorized person. The completed forms should be submitted until 25th May of the current year, to the Financial Administration where you belong, or you can send it to our email address

Be a Volunteer!

If you are interested we invite you to volunteer your time, to share your knowledge, abilities to people in need, to those who need to smile.


Donate money

Every sum of money counts a little from many can mean a lot. If you want to donate an amount of money, please contact us by email, in order to send you the account of the foundation.

Donate objects

You can donate different objects: clothes, shoes, toys, sweets, food, appliances. Any object that is no longer useful for you, it can bring them joy.